Main production/storage hall 4891 m2, h=7,5 , including higher part 800 m2 h=11 m. Hall can be devided into two parts.

Now avaliable to sell/loan rest of production hall 4891 m2. The entire building underwent extensive renovations in 2010. Hall - the height of 7,5 m, column grid 12x12, 3 loading docks TIR., Four 4.5 m gates open electrically. Dustless floor with high capacity (20cm concrete reinforcement).there is an ability to install overhead cranes all over the place. (To 5000kg) a separate place to charge battery-electric trucks. One of the nave above 800m - 11m spacing of 18x12 columns. The whole strongly lit - skylights daily plus energy-saving lamps. Ventilation with configurable intelligent statement.

Modern lightning protection, security, fire extinguishers plus fire hydrants, new electrical installation of modern lighting, insulated walls, insulated exterior wall construction. There are two entrance gate to whole structure, one from trunk road nr 50, second from Jana Pawła II street – both 6 m wide. Lot of spare parking places. Property can be devided into two parts (hall and square ground). Hall can be also devided on two separete parts. Whole property is fenced, illuminated, under the supervision of cameras. There is diet suplement production in sold part of hall.

Sell possibilities:
A) Only production hall without square (no 1 on visualization) : 4 mln net (valuation 5,6 mln) , easement of the access road included.
B) Both parts , production hall + square (no 1 and no 2 on visualization): 4,8 mln net.
C) only square 6444m2 (no 2 on visualization) : 800.000 pln net.
D) 50% of the hall + square (no 2 and 50% of no 1 on visualization): 3 mln net. (There is possibility of building fireproof wall which separate one side of hall from another).
Hall + square (no 1 and no 2 on visualization): 35.000 pln net/month in net/net/net system. all costs on the part of the tenant.

The main hall – photos


"Kiper" Jaroslaw Kosinski

Łanowa Street 14a

98-100 Łask

NIP: 524-157-64-48

Owner: Jaroslaw Kosinski

Mobile: 605 200 002