Industrial Property Ostrówek is situated 50 km from Warsaw in the central part of Ostrówek Węgrów [07-132] at st. 59th factory This place is situated in the northeastern part of the voivodeship in the municipality in the district węgrowskim Łochów, just 5km from Lochow. (the seat of the municipality).

The property lies on the route of the national road No. 50 (Ostrow Mazowiecka - Minsk Mazowiecki), which is one of the major routes in the country to the east. Property along this route each day passes more than 2,100 trucks (statistics GDDKiA), which is a kind of national road bypass of Warsaw.

Easy access from Warsaw provides:
a)The express route S8 - travel time by car from Warsaw to the property is about 50 minutes.
b)The railway line Warsaw - Bialystok (railway station "Ostrówek"). 4 years ago there was a railway siding, leading, to the Department, which had been moved away from the railway(other railway siding remained with the possibility of reconstruction in accordance with local zoning plan and the arrangements of the station).
c)Numerous buses and bus private carriers.






"Kiper" Jaroslaw Kosinski

Łanowa Street 14a

98-100 Łask

NIP: 524-157-64-48

Owner: Jaroslaw Kosinski

Mobile: 605 200 002

Email: kiper@kipernieruchomosci.pl